What you receive

Becoming a community member includes experiential spirit energy

  • Weekly Offerings

    Receive weekly invitations from Spirit. Use these intuitive offerings to inspire what unfolds in your week.

  • Spiritual Healing

    Sometimes, the offering from spirit will include a video with energy healing and expansion for the community.

  • Intuitive Wisdom

    Sometimes, the offering will be intuitive wisdom or guidance related to common situations in the community.

Bonus Extras

Exclusive perks to members of our community

  • Healing Circles

    Book your seat within Dee's monthly healing circles before they fill up, for a members-only reduced rate.

  • Private Access

    Get access to Dee's calendar for private sessions at a special members rate. Or bundle your membership fee with a 30-min or a 60-min monthly private session.

  • Get first dibs

    Get exclusive early bird access to sign up for Dee's online courses, intuition trainings, and mentorship programs.

Brighten Your Spirit

Weave intuition into your every day

Pricing options

Decide your level of engagement. Choose the community membership, or bundle together a private session (30-min or 60-min) with your monthly fee.

Your Spiritual Guide

Accessing intuitive wisdom for the group

Intuitive Shamanic Healer & Mentor

Dee Montie

Dee's got a direct connection to energy, intuition and spirit. As an Intuitive Healer & Mentor, Dee uses her intuitive super powers to guide you to discover your own intuition, and helps folks like you tap into the wisdom and energy all around us and within us. Dee facilitates an embracing of intuition, building connection, confidence and trust. She balances all that with guided tangible and grounded action steps, which helps you weave everything in your life together.

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